Helping Your Venue


With more than seven years’ experience within the hospitality business and five years’ experience within the photography business, I can help your business connect with customers through photographical advertisements. Advertising in this form will promote your website/social media and engage with your customers to show off your venue and products.

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Take a look at the recent clients I have worked with below

Man vs Food

Photoshoot of venue and food for man vs food in south shields


Trix Pet Portrait Photoshoot

Marine House Gym 80

Re-branding and website design / t-shirt designs (marketing project for Gym80) 

The website is currently being built t-shirts designs are getting promoted via social media marketing. you can follow the project at #gmy80apparel 



Portrait Prom Shoot  2018

Prom Photoshoot 


 Cake Smash

A photoshoot of a first birthday cake smash  

The Alchemist

This Photoshoot was captured for  The alchemist Newcastle,United Kingdom , a venue shoot for their press release for the grand opening.

The Pickle 

Product Photography photoshoot for The pickle bar in Sunderland 


The Pickle

Venue Photoshoot of The Pickle bar in Sunderland. Also captured a nighttime and drink photoshoot for them. 

Sunderland College 

A photoshoot for Sunderland College  of their new city campus 

Sunderland Vibe Magazine 

This photoshoot of the HMS Ocean was for content for the Sunderland Vibe magazine 

Jackson Dog portraits 

Photos from a customer's dog portrait photoshooot 

Kid Portrait 

Customers photoshoot of their cheeky poser 


The PenShop Product Photography

This project was a 40 image gallery  for The Penshop. The photo shoot was a low key product shoot of there pen range, for Instagram and other social network advertisements. Below are some of the photos from the photo shoot. All of these images are copyright protected by The Penshop.


The Pen Shop Project 

This Project was trial shoot, for a  professional product photography brief  for The Pen Shop . The brief for this trial was low key photography/luxury.feel.

After setting up a studio and taking some shots of there products and going through the final process of retouching/editing, I got the the job for the main project.

This  will start at the end of October 2016. This project will be the same style as the trail low key/luxury feel


Wildlife Project 

My own little project capturing wildlife Up close portraits of wildlife